• Depression
  • Child of God

    Sometimes in these episodes, I forget that I am His…that no matter what, He is always with me. I may not understand why things are the way they are but He sees everything. He knows what’s going on. He is always where I am and I can’t go anywhere where His presence is not around or with me. That is how much He loves me! As far as fighting well, we just need to STAND. He is fighting for us! He has the Victory!

  • Depression
  • If I can be honest

    If I can be honestimage

    I was ashamed to admit that I had depression and I didn’t tell anyone till 2 years ago about my struggle. I was so afraid of what it may mean to have to depression. In my mind, a person who believes in God and trusts in Him and believe that He is the Healer and ALL of who God is, couldn’t possibly be ever depressed? I mean, He IS the SOURCE of our Joy, right? How could I lose my joy? How could I not see the good in anything?? I felt like withdrawing but couldn’t…