Don’t be anxious!

Have you ever asked God why things happen the way they do?

I would like to admit that I don’t always ask but I find myself asking a lot. But that’s simply because I am human and practicing faith in not knowing or seeing is very hard at times.

About a month ago, the dr’s found a mass on Chris’ lower left side. The mass turned out to be a tumor and thankfully, it is benign! Praise the Lord! Because of the size which is bigger than Chris’ fist, it will be removed tomorrow at Maine Medical! We covet your prayers at this time as Chris prepares for surgery and for post-op recovery which will be around 6 weeks. Chris’ parents arrived last night to help with the kids!
I can’t lie and say that this month has been easy-it has been full of emotional roller coasters. The waiting for answers have been insane but we are thankful for the Peace that passes all understanding! And for the times that I can’t feel Peace, I am thankful for family and friends who remind me Who is in control. This has not taken God by surprise like it has us, God will turn this dreadful thing into something that will bring Glory to His name! So, I rest in ALL this! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

I am sorry this is new news to a lot of you! It has been a crazy last 2 months!

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