Hi, my name is May. My husband, Chris and I just celebrated 13 years of marriage. We are blessed with 4 fun-loving kids, Bella, Gabbi, Zac and Oliver. We also have Joe, a teenager who is like a son who lives with us.

We currently live in Rockland, ME where we pastor a church.

  I recently changed my blog site name to Beautifully Broken because I have come to realize that life is exactly that,

Beautifully Broken-Because no matter how ugly things can get, God makes those ugly things into a beautiful testimony of who He is in my life.

When you serve God and daily walking with Him, there are days where everything is just so full of seeing His wonderful blessings. Then there are days where you keep praying for answers by knocking loudly on heaven’s door and yet silence is the answer…those days are very hard to keep the faith and to trust in Him.

But God is ALWAYS there, listening and answering, maybe in ways you don’t expect or want Him to, but He is always there to help you and answer you!

The entries you will read from me are from the depths of my heart about how God the Father continues to teach and mold me! I will share about ALL the joys and even my struggles as a wife, Mom of 4 and being a pastor’s wife in this thing I call life.

May you be blessed and be encouraged! Shoot me an email, I would love to hear from you!

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