Don’t give up!

We give up easier than trying…

We don’t fight hard enough for those near and dear to us because finding a way out is easier!

Don’t you know that there is Someone who fights for us daily? We struggle with thinking that we are alone in our situation.

No matter how hard life knocks us, God is FIGHTING for us!

His ultimate show of fighting for us was sending His Son to die on the cross for us with a promise of rising again after 3 days and a promise to come back again for us!

What a VICTORY we have in Christ!!

He didn’t give up on us!

He WILL NEVER give up on us!

So, wherever you are right now,

Don’t give up!


Keep running this race.

Keep fighting for those things that are near and dear to you, family, marriage, life…

Hang in there!

Trust Him! He IS fighting for us!

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