God is faithful!

Our time in Maine has proven to be a time of refining and growth in the Lord. We have been here almost a year and half-since then we have faced many good challenges. The past year has been a test of where our faith fully relies on. We had sicknesses that seemed unbearable at the time, Bella, last July-shortly after we arrived, got sick with bacteremia. Thankfully, the Lord healed her through a process of strong injections of antibiotics. Then Gabbi got sick in December after being home in VA and in NC for Christmas. We felt like things were just coming against us to discourage us from the assignment that God has laid upon our hearts to do up here.

We have survived here the past year because of God’s faithfulness in our lives. We learn everyday that God really takes care of His children. Because of the financial situation of the church the past year, we had not been receiving income through the church. Through the giving hearts of family and friends we have been able to supplement our income through their gifts. Despite of economy, Chris was able to find a job right a way last July.

We have had a bunch of prayer requests that God has answered just recently in the past few months—we very specific needs in our church, but God being so faithful, I cannot repeat that enough! He has answered them:

  1. The church was in debt, we had a mortgage of about $169,000 that we could barely pay next to all the bills we would incur each month. Who ever knew that the heating bill in the winter here in New England could easily cost about $600 dollars a month?? And then add up the other utility bills we had! Only a person would know that if they have lived here all their life! The church had owned 3 different properties, all next to each other, one was a house/apartment, the church building and another house that they used as a ministry center(currently, the house we call the parsonage-where we stay). About 9 months ago, we had put one of the houses up for sale but to no avail, no one bought it, so we took it off the market. Then about 3 months ago, a father and son were looking at the properties and asked about them…they offer to help the church by buying the house that was once on the market as well as buying the church building. The purpose? They told Chris that they wanted to help the church get out of debt!! What an incredible answer to prayer!!! So, thinking that it would take forever for God to answer our prayer about getting out of debt-He takes it right out of our hands by providing people to buy our property. Not only that, the father and son, offered to let us rent the church building for free for 2 years! We now currently have the parsonage/ministry center on sale to help us in our future church building! God is awesome!
  2. When we came to the church, we did not have anyone to do the music. Meaning no one played the guitar or the piano, so Chris would play the guitar and I would help lead worship with him. Since our church is a little bit more traditional, our songs had to be learned by our congregation…they are accustomed to hymns and Chris and I had to learn more hymns to sing each Sunday. This completely wore Chris out—He would teach Sunday school, lead worship and then preach. About 3 months ago also, God brought to us a family who served at our district pastor’s church and they saw the need we had and decided to fill it! They lead worship and have their own band…very talented family! Plus, the husband of the worship leader is also a licensed minister, so he is able to help fill in on a Sunday morning…he has an incredible gift of preaching so he is able to use it.
  3. Another answer to prayer was this, I have watched my girls on Sunday mornings, so I have missed a lot of the sermons. Another family also started coming who used to be children’s minister’s have volunteered their time to help me with watching the girls on Sundays, now we alternate, she has two daughters so now I only miss one Sunday each month!

God has answered so many of our prayers that I can’t ever say or complain that He isn’t taking care of every aspect of our lives and ministry here in Rockland. There were more requests that I didn’t write about but these three were major and thought I would share them!

Sure there were and there are definitely still times when we have doubted why we are in such a place and how come things aren’t going the way they should but we cannot forget all the things that God has done already! Many times I have called my family and friends to ask them to remind me why we are here, and they would say, “Because God called you there and you are going through this because He is just refining you and teaching you more about Himself and how He is going to keep taking care of you!”

God is faithful and He will continue to be faithful in the lives of the Chappells. We praise Him and thank Him for all that He has done! We praise Him for answered prayers and especially for simply taking care of us! We have never been without and we will never be without because God is on our side and He has promised to always be our provider!

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”

 Hebrews 10:23


Please continue to pray for us—we are still in need of workers for the harvest in the New England area. So many walk the streets not really aware that they need to know Jesus. Some have been going to church all their lives that they have forgotten the real reason for church. CHANGE is not easily accepted in the New England area, but there has to be some kind of change in the churches here to be able to reach this new generation. Chris and I pray that we will be a part of this great CHANGE that will bring God back to this area, so that all will come to the knowledge of Him!

2 thoughts on “God is faithful!

  1. Churches have also supported us through this year with gifts-a special thanks to Covenant Church in Charlottesville, VA for helping us with various projects in the church as well as providing personal support. To Faith Harvest in Wake Forest, NC for their support–thank you for your constant prayers and support!

  2. Hello, Chris and MayMay: I cannot help crying while reading this write up – I just had something in my heart prompting me and thinking you must have written on your blog. Lo and behold I click your link and indeed you wrote your thoughts ….. God is indeed able to change all impossibilities to possibilities and the best is yet to come! You are right —- the early months were refining moments for you and now that God has seen your faithfulness and we know that He always does – He will surely see you through every step of the way! We love you all ~ Mom and Dad

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