Let’s face it, life is not always easy!

We get knocked down, pushed and sometimes, we fall, to a point where it is so hard to get back up.

Life comes with all its joys and also its heartaches.

When the darkness comes you have a hard time seeing your purpose in life.

You lose all sense of balance from joy of simply waking up each morning and smelling the roses.

You become blinded by your current sadness and situation that you fail to even see the blessings of the past, present and even the future.

But when you put your trust in the Heavenly Father, He has a way of interrupting the way you think about life.

Our Father is the Restorer of ALL things!

He is in the business of fixing things.

It’s not our job to completely understand or fix the things that make life complicated.

Our task as God’s people is to let Him into all parts of our life; to believe and trust in Him!

Even in the hard times, He wants us to go to Him with our thoughts, confusion, loneliness, whatever it may be.

He wants us to lay at His feet. He is wanting to show us that He is Hope.

He will interrupt your time of hopelessness and fill you with peace and overwhelm you with His love!

There is Hope!

There is Joy!

There is Peace!

There is Comfort!

Lay the sadness down, lay your worries down, lay your anger down, lay your un-forgiveness down, lay it ALL at His feet.

We were never promised an easy life, BUT He has promised to never leave us or forsake us, He is ALWAYS with us!

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