It is well…

I am not going to lie, the past two weeks have been rough emotionally. I am thankful for the Peace that passes all understanding that can only come from God. I am also thankful for those who are praying and keeping our family in their thoughts during this time. When I get a chance, I will explain later what’s going on. But I want to share something with you before I shut down for the night.

No matter what happens good or bad, there is a plan. What the devil has intended to destroy, hurt or kill you, God CAN and will take that and turn it into something that is for His GLORY!

Keep your eyes on Him! Don’t give up! Stop walking through your situation as if you can fix it on your own. You can’t! You are human and it is impossible to take this load on your own without any help from the Living God. Not only that, He asks you to Cast ALL, not some, not a few, but ALL your cares on HIM!”

1 Peter 5:7, Emphasis mine


So, I leave you with this:

Take your worries, take your fears, take your weary heart and tired mind, put it all at His feet. It’s hard to do, but He wants you to give it ALL to Him. Trust Him. This is pretty cliché, but He does and will see you through!

“Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,

It is Well, It is Well with my Soul!”





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