Memorial Day

 *written 11/13/20212, revised 5/30/16*

A day where we all remember those who have fought bravely for our freedom. A day where most care mostly about the sales and the free meals but a day that I will never take for granted.

You see, I came here for freedom. My whole family did! I wasn’t born into this brave and free country, we escaped to it to have a better and safe life.

To make the long story short, we came here on Christmas Eve of 1989 from the Philippines. After years of thinking that we moved to the US for my parents to work at a missions organization as volunteer missionaries, my parents shared that we also came here because our safety was being threatened.

So, this day means a whole lot to me! Like I said, I was not born into such freedom but came to seek freedom from those who threatened my family! It touches my heart when I see videos of the soldiers coming home to be with their families and hear the stories of the true life heroes of our day! Many have fought for our freedom and have given their lives! Many STILL fight to maintain our freedom. A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for those who have served! To those who are serving, THANK YOU and Keep up the good work and continue to be brave!

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