There are days where things seem so easy and OK

Often I hear that I can easily “get over it” or get told to “chill out”

If you only knew how I really felt inside

I feel like my whole body and my mind is going out of control

There is an intense feeling of being “on the edge” with no particular cause or trigger

I always fear this would be worse than the last episode

My family, my friends, my whole surrounding is affected by this thing, called depression

Some days, it is so easy to get going,

To put my feet on the floor

To take that first step into a new day

To function as best as I can as a wife and Mom

To even go to work

To put a smile on my face


There are days that are SO HARD to even see the LIGHT of day


No, my faith is definitely not weaker in these moments

Inside, I am begging and crying to God, my Heavenly Father, to set me free

I am begging Him to help me

To restore me

I am begging Him to take this from me

To make me whole again in my body and in my mind

I want Him to just take this away from me

I know He can

I know that He is my Healer

I know that He is bigger than this

I know that He is definitely able

So, while I wait

I will continue to trust

I will continue to hold on

That even in these dark times, dark moments

He is still with me

I cling onto those promises!

Pray for me, please!

For you dear friend, who may be out there going through this or worse:

Please, do not keep silent!

Find someone to talk to!

Get help! 

My prayer for you as I write this:

Wherever you are right now, lay that blade down, lay that note down, whatever it is that you are planning to take your life away-put it down!

You’re life is important!

You are important and you matter! 

You are dearly loved!

Heavenly Father, please God, encounter my dear friend wherever they are right now.

Make Yourself known to them.

Please, surround them with Your presence,  speak to them.

Comfort them!

Let them know that You created them for a purpose and that Your plans are good.

Remind them that You have not abandoned them.

Help them to know that Your love is so HIGH, so WIDE  and SO DEEP for them that You sent Your One and Only Son to die on the cross for them.

That You rose again and are coming back again for us. 

Help them to know that even in these situations where You don’t seem near or even real, that You are right where they are!

Let them know that You are real!

That YOU are everything they need right now! 

Comfort them!

In Your name, I pray,


If you are in need of anyone to talk to, find a local Pastor or counselor or

call National Alliance on Mental Illness at

800-950-NAMI info@nami.org
M-F, 10 AM – 6 PM ET
Find Help in a crisis or Text “NAMI” to 741741 –



Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-talk

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