Rise above

Have you ever been hurt or felt betrayed?

It isn’t a fun feeling at all, you assume that those who claim to be your family or friends will stick by you. The reality is: they let you down.

People hurt people.

We are all prone to make mistakes and we let each other down.

This past week has been a real test for me. I have been hurt before but something came up and it hurt, deep, and to the core.

The Heavenly Father has challenged me this week by asking me if I was going to let this whole situation take root in my heart and sow seeds of un-forgiveness and possibly hate or am I going to take this situation and rise above it?

Sometimes the first question is easy because why not? Why wouldn’t I hold a grudge on people who hurt me?

Rising above and being the “Big girl” in this situation is so much harder, so why would I choose this?

God did, He sent His Son, His only Son. Jesus died on the cross because of ALL the wrong that we did, have done and will do. He didn’t do anything to deserve the stripes on His back. He didn’t deserve the nails to be driven in His hands and His feet. He didn’t do anything to get pierced in His side. He didn’t deserve ANY of that! HE did it anyway…

I am definitely NOT comparing my hurt to Jesus on the cross. BUT, I want to point out, He sets the example of rising above.  He showed GRACE! Grace that is so un-deserved but, He GAVE freely.

He sets the example of what we should do when we are hurt, when we are betrayed, when we are attacked…Show Grace and Forgiveness…

As I keep learning this, I pray that you will also do the same. Let us all follow Christ’s example in all things, especially when people let us down and hurt us. Grace is ALWAYS GREATER! 

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