I recently went with Chris to take a group of students to a youth rally this past Friday and the theme was Surrounded. As I stood back during the altar call, I saw a flood of students raising their hands in surrender to the Lord but what stuck out the most were those who came and prayed with them, hugged them and loved on them. They were SURROUNDED by a sea of people who truly showed their support.

In life, we go through things that make us truly happy and there are those who are sincerely happy and rejoicing with us! They give us high fives and congratulate us! They even get giddy because we’re giddy! It’s just a happy time for everyone and you get to be surrounded by those that rejoice with you!

But when the tough times come, those who surrounded you in the happy times are sometimes few or none at all. The tough times become unbearable and hard to manage because each morning that you wake up simply becomes TRYING to live or survive. Smiling becomes a hard task and the daily life becomes overwhelming. Everything is hard! Many truly don’t understand and lack the “how” to empathize with you, unless they themselves have walked the same road you have walked.

Today, I want you to know that you are not alone! You don’t have to walk this road alone.  

I want you to know that you are SURROUNDED by the presence of our Heavenly Father! 

I want you to know that He is with you and that He is SURROUNDING you with His love! He is not shocked or moved by how hard you think your situation is. NOTHING is TOO BIG or TOO HARD for Him to handle.

He will NOT stop pursuing you and He wants you to know that He is simply here for you.

STOP hanging on to your fears, let them go, give them ALL to Him!

He is able to carry your burdens so that you don’t have to anymore!

He loves you!

Give it all to Him, trust Him! 

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