You are there!

I have been meditating on Psalm 139 the past few weeks. I can’t even begin to express to you how it’s been such a great reminder of how our Lord knows us and searches us…He formed us and knitted us together in our mother’s womb. He knows our intentions; He knows what we are always up to. The verse that keeps popping up in my head and sometimes causes me to weep with wonder and joy, is the fact that I can’t go anywhere without His Presence being there! His Light is in my darkness, ALL the time! I don’t have to worry; I don’t have to fear because He is right there and will always be here for me!


Through my severe bout of depression, I had very little BUT, enough faith to know that He was RIGHT there. It was the hardest time because I couldn’t understand how I could know that He was there, yet, felt so alone and swallowed up by the darkness of depression. Even through those times, God would show Himself to me, even if it seemed so small and so short, He would remind me, “I AM HERE!” He literally put new songs in my heart and in my mouth! HE has taught me so much about worship that I have never experienced before. I know He is still doing this and is still working in me. I am a testament of Him making something that was meant to destroy me into something so beautiful. I am a work in progress and in this work, He is teaching me how to seek Him in Spirit and in Truth…He is teaching me more of who He is and who I am in His eyes!


Wherever you are, my friend, His work is NOT done! If you are at home, reading this with tears running down your face because you simply have lost all hope and all joy, know that He is right there! He is with you! If you are even considering hurting yourself or taking yourself out of the picture all together because things are too hard, DON’T! He IS WITH YOU! HIS PROMISE to NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU is STILL A PROMISE FOR TODAY, FOR YOU! HE is NOT DONE WITH YOU, YET! You have purpose, my dear friend!! Please know, as I write this, I am praying for you, my readers! Do not lose hope! As Joseph said when he confronted his brothers about who he was, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result.” Genesis 50:20


Love you all,



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