The past few months have been crazy and wild.

We lead a very interesting life!

 I am typing to tell you that I have not gone crazy yet. LOL!

 This season in our lives could definitely be more challenging but I am ok with where things are at the moment.

 Chris was admitted to the hospital a couple weeks ago. After teaching music,  I got a text from Chris saying, “I have to go to the ER.”  I quickly called him just to find out, he was home earlier than usual from work and he spiked a fever and was not doing well. He had called the surgeon in Portland and was advised to go to the ER(For Chris to make a call to the surgeon/Dr means he really was not feeling well!) I had to make quick phone calls and shuffled the kids to go over to friend’s houses.

I am so thankful for friends who have taken our kids at such short notice.

The ER doctor quickly ran necessary tests to find out what was going on and started antibiotics. A CAT scan showed an infection so Chris ended up being transported to Portland, via ambulance.

 I have to admit, the news of Chris having to go to Portland was devastating and stressful.  He was 7 weeks’ post operation and the infection didn’t make sense to me. On the way to the ER, I accused him of overdoing things…the man has a hard time sitting still.

Chris stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was able to come home. They currently have him on a month’s worth of strong antibiotics. The oncologist is keeping a close eye on him because when they take the drain he currently has,  out, it will show whether or not the infection is still there or not.

The oncologist also stated that the infection did not occur because he was overdoing anything but that infection happens.  We have had to alter plans because of what happened to Chris but we are hoping that he is on the mend.

Chris and I have been so overwhelmed by the love and prayers that so many of our friends near and far have shown us. Not only did our kids have a place to stay, I was blessed to have a place to stay in Portland as well. I was starting to get sick and lost my voice which I thought was from pure exhaustion. Our friend who made us homemade chicken, rice and noodle soup met us that night we got home. Only God could have planned that because I don’t think she knew how bad I was feeling. The soup was delicious!

 I share all this because I want to share something with you:

Although, I have drank more than the usual cups of coffee and functioning on little sleep, God has been so good to me! He has sustained me through ALL of this.

Yes, I am overwhelmed but I am more amazed at how God has provided friends, food and the means to get things done!

 I am thankful that in THIS particular season of our lives, God has kept me from relapsing. Stress is a horrible trigger for someone with clinical depression. Not saying that it’s the only trigger but it’s one of them.

The kids are alive, fed and clothed!

The house might be messy and my bed not made every morning, but it is functional!

Most of all, I am slowly finishing my work that I was behind on from school.

I could NOT do any of this on my own, God’s strength is definitely perfected in my weakness. Through this time, God has drawn me closer and closer to Him because He knows, I can’t do THIS on my own.

 “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Psalm 23:4

Is there ANYTHING that is keeping you from looking to Him?

Go ahead, admit that you can’t do THIS on your own. Surrender your worries, your stress and your overwhelming feelings and your thoughts!

He is waiting for you to ask for help!

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